It begins….


Let me introduce myself… this is the first blog entry on my model railroad journey that began 2 years ago. My goal is to keep a daily record of my progress and share some thoughts as I build a 400 sq. ft. HO scale model railroad layout in my basement.

My vision is to create a continuous run HO scale layout that will be fun to build and fun to operate. I am looking for detailed scenery as that is my favourite part. I have two young sons who will be running trains with me. I have chosen a prototype to keep me focused and ‘honest’ but I don’t want to become a slave to it. There will be headless horsemen, haunted houses and ghost trains. It’s my railroad…my rules. I am a beginner with basic experience so I want to grow and learn. Ops sessions are important to me and I want to plan for future growth as I see them being more important in the future.

Prototype (Real or imagined?)

I have chosen QGRY from Montreal to Quebec City. I’d like to create a fantasy layout roughly based on this prototype.

The Quebec Gatineau Railway provides rail transportation services to the major industrial regions and ports in the Province of Québec. QGRY is situated on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, an area comprising Québec City, Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan, Joliette, Montréal, St-Jérôme, Lachute, Gatineau and Hull.

The QGRY, acquired from Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail, began operating in November 1997. 151 employees handle some 50,000 carloads of freight per year serving 23 major customers. In addition to our “can-do” customer service focus, the QGRY has added an automobile compound, a large lumber transfer facility and a bulk handling facility in our Henri IV yard in Québec City to meet the market demand and benefit from available opportunities.

I will be modeling current day freight operations and have decided to set the time of the layout as mid-October.


2 thoughts on “It begins….

  1. Hi Bernard

    I am glad to find another QGRY modeler and very surprise to see that he lives in Ontario
    Why have you been choosing this prototype ?

    Like I am living on the SouthShore of Quebec City (in Lévis) and having a layout modeling my région (the port of Quebec, the CN Limoilou Yard, the CN Joffre Yard, the CN Montmagny sub and the CN Drumondville sub to Montréal May be we can share ideas and informations ?

    Hoping to received answer from you


    PS Sorry for my English I am not as good as I wish

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    1. Bonjour Dany. Great to hear from you! I first saw the QGRY when I was working for Cascades. I was the Ontario rep for the Rolland Paper Mill in St.Jerome and QGRY served our Mill. Every year my wife and I drive from Toronto to Quebec City en vacances so I have become very familiar with the region. I love modeling the QGRY as it is the perfect shortline. Great customers, great mix of freight and cars and manageable in size and scope. Most of what I am trying to accomplish is on my blog but I look forward to exchanging emails and learning more about what you are doing.


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