Workbench Wednesday

What’s on the workbench? Today is the day to find out… it’s Workbench Wednesday, the day that I share what I’m working on. Could be a structure kitbash or a scratchbuild project or a locomotive detailing job. Or perhaps some prototypical rolling stock weathering. Tune in each Wednesday and I’ll share a neat project in progress and complete with how tos and step-by-steps pics.

Today, I’d like to share a story about imagination. 

One of the aspects of model railroading that I like the most is the creativity. Especially the fun of building something from unexpected items. Being a model railroader means looking at items in new and strange ways. I find myself wandering through dollar stores wondering how I can turn everyday objects into prototypical 1/87 scale items.

Recently I was opening my son’s apple sauce at breakfast when I noticed what a wonderfully odd lid it had. Why anyone would design an apple sauce container lid like this I have no idea, however it sure looked like a candidate for an interesting flatcar load.

So that’s what’s on the workbench this week. A really neat load. I sprayed the lids primer grey. Built supporting cradle structures out of wood and am pretty happy with the results thus far. So what is it…. who knows… could be a load of industrial equipment for the Quebec Poutine Works? Or part of a wind turbine built at Marmen in Trois Rivieres? Or perhaps something for the Paper Mill? All that matters is that it will be a cool and unique load that I built. Oh yeah, and it was fun!

Next up will be experimenting with various metal beading wire, silver thread and elastic thread to tie the loads down and then weathering the car to look like its seen better days. But that is a post for another day.


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