It’s Much Bigger on the Inside


This past weekend in Toronto was Fan Expo. ‘What does a comic, sci-fi, anime, horror, gaming convention have to do with model railroading?”, I guess you’re thinking. Well, short answer is, nothing. But I took my 9 year old who is really into the above mentioned comic, sci-fi, anime, horror, gaming scene – and it was amazing. Fan Expo Toronto draws over 120,000 visitors over four days and has to be experienced to be believed. If you think that us train folks are obsessed/creative/crazy then you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Part of the fun of the layout has always been to add in pop culture elements that make the layout FUN. I’ve always planned to include hidden ‘easter eggs’ for the kids to find. My 9 year old is a dedicated Dr. Who fan and always wanted a TARDIS on the layout. Well thank you Fan Expo for a perfect 1/87 scale TARDIS keychain that will be making a appearance as soon as I figure out how to wire up a pulsating LED beacon on top. Proving yet again, that you never know where you will find the next item for the layout.


Oh, and one last thing, if you don’t know what cosplay is…look it up. Next year we’re going, and we’re dressing up!


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