Operating the Grand Trunk Southern



Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the N scale layout of John Johnson (CARM founder and Canadian editor – pictured above) in Hamilton, ON. This was the much anticipated operating session on his Grand Trunk Southern layout and followed his excellent presentation last October on layout operations. The Grand Trunk Southern is a two level freelanced layout set in Central Pennsylvania in 1969. The layout is DCC powered with Digitrax and features early diesel power.


I was especially excited as this was only the second time that I had been invited to an operating session, and the first time that I had used car cards and waybills. My job was to run a local that switched the industries in Nathansville. Powered by two beautiful Rapido GMD-1s, I spent an enjoyable hour shunting cars between the interchange track, the builders supply, the propane dealership etc. and building the train to Clarion.


So some thoughts about my first ‘real’ OPs session…

Model railroad operations is work. Real, hard work. But man is it fun work! After an hour of thinking about how to achieve the tasks at hand, and constantly checking to make turn that the turnouts were properly aligned, I was ready to take a break. This gave me an appreciation for the real work done by the real railroads.

John was a gracious host and especially patient with a newbie like myself. I was very appreciative of his insights around operations and for his help in planning operations on my QGRY.

Thank you John for a wonderful Saturday afternoon!



Virgin train photobombs Flying Scotsman

25 February 2016 Last updated at 20:00 GMT
from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35665284

A rail enthusiast who waited by the tracks to see the Flying Scotsman only for it be obscured by a Virgin train travelling in the opposite direction at the vital moment has been offered a free flight to make up for his disappointment.

Ryan Allen, from Spilsby, Lincolnshire, was filming the Scotsman as it made its inaugural run after a decade-long, £4.2m refit.

Richard Branson apologised to Ryan Allen, and Virgin Atlantic said it would fly him to the US city of Atlanta to see its “super busy rail network”.

So You Want a Model Railroad

A cautionary tale…

Alice visits Mr. Agony with her latest problem with Joe. They had given Junior a toy railroad for a Christmas present, and Joe had taken it over and become obsessed to the point he has built a railroad empire using all of his time, energy and money. Sound familiar? Watch what happens next….