Have you ever smashed a model?


I mean really trashed it.

And not to recreate a prototype photo or to model an effect. Have you ever been soooo FRUSTRATED that something wasn’t working out the way that you wanted it to, that you just said ‘F*%K-IT‘ and smash…you destroyed it? I admit it, I have.

If by some super-human feat of self-control you have not, I bet you’ve been close and wanted to.

But here’s the thing. I don’t feel that way anymore. And I have the hobby of model railroading, in part, to thank for that.

This is a hobby for patient people. I’ve learned that projects can’t be rushed, steps need to be followed in logical and methodical, well thought out order, or mistakes happen. First fill, then wait, then sand and wait, then prime and let dry, then paint one thin coat and let dry, then repeat… dear God can’t I get this done TONIGHT? And when I inevitably do try to shortcut the process, and the model gets ruined, I have a choice. Trash it or fit it.

Funny thing is that it can almost always be fixed. And fixing the mistake is sooo satisfying. I really enjoy the feeling of working through the fix and coming out the backend with something, that in some cases, is even better than the original.

And for those unlucky models that don’t quite work out, as the pic above shows, there is always a creative and prototypical way to use those rejects on the layout.

This might just be the beginning of a series of blog posts titled, ‘Lessons I’ve Learned from the Hobby‘.


7 thoughts on “Have you ever smashed a model?

  1. Oh yes, so very very much have projects made me angry and made me want to Hulk Smash them. But i’ve never done it. The instinct to win out over the maddening chunk of plastic always keeps me from doing it!! I refuse to let my impatience and temper defeat me.

    My wife always marvels at how i work with such fiddly little bits and don’t lose my mind. As i’ve told her and others, the fiddlyness forces me to calm down and focus on what i’m doing, no matter how grumpy i am from a bad day, or from what i’m workiing on not going right. It brings a strange kind of zen to get back to calm and undo a mistake and fix it.



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  2. Oh yeah….
    Sometimes I think I should keep a stack of dried ramen noodles on the workbench, so I have something to throw against a wall that’s cheap yet still creates a satisfying explosion.
    So was there a particular model or project that put you in this frame of mind?
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

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    1. Nope. Happily just the opposite. I was reflecting on how much this hobby has changed me and the benefits of model railroading. One of the observations that I made was that working on small fiddley projects has become easier. I guess that I’ve learned over time that frustration or rushing things never really pays off. The expression “haste makes waste” really does apply when model railroading.


  3. Reblogged this on Nigel's Mountains and Modelling. and commented:
    Thankfully – no, not happened to me yet. However, there comes a time with a project where you have to cut your losses, at least in time and move on. Put it in a box and leave it for another day. I currently have a small layout project that has driven me a little insane last year. Put it aside for a few weeks and now I am back to it with renewed enthusiasm.

    As for rushing projects – I sometimes blame exhibitions and train shows – they are a real deadline that focuses the mind but also focuses frustration at how long projects can take to complete.


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